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Terezakis collected works and projects in Art and Technology including Sacred Sky Sacred Earth, Healing Light, Interactive Environments, All the Names of God, and other constructivist works of art and investigation from 1974 to today, including performance, dance, and original music. This site includes secure shopping, books, limited edition prints, music, original and limited series objects, posters, and videos.
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Heart Beats Light - Arts in Action Festival UCSD

WHEEL OF SHARP WEAPONS, Peter Terezakis, Kinetic Sculpture • University of California San Diego, Arts in Action Festival May 2010

Yogi Dharmarakshita  (982 - 1054) wrote the Wheel of Sharp Weapons as a training of the student mind in the nature of cause and effect; of karma.  The idea of this sculptural interpretation of the Wheel of Sharp Weapons is based upon forty plus years of reflection on these writings.   Wishes, names of the departed, and more, are written on ribbons and tied to the Wheel.

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