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"Sacred Sky, Sacred Earth" was produced at Wright’s Field in Alpine, California on Sunday April 29th 2007.  The carefully planned series of experiences were presented and designed to re-create points of access to the mind set developed after twelve years of setting light installations beneath the open sky.

The intention was (and still is) to shine the light of consciousness upon the wonder of that which is in front of us and what we all take so much for granted: the Air we breathe, the Earth we dance upon, the Fire of the sun and the source of all life, and the Water we drink.  Alpine's Wright's Field is located near the geographic center of the town, with the majority of the population (even some of its neighbors) not realizing that it is a preserve.  Many residents have been surprised to learn that it will not be developed, that homes or a school, may not necessarily be built on that empty space.

The idea that this bit of nature, would be coveted by the avaricious and powerful surprises no one.  That the best, long-term interests of an area may not necessarily be represented by those interested in personal gain is axiomatic.  Witnessing over a hundred people gathering in the center of a cloistered glen, interacting with nature, was proof that there are many who support and want to keep the natural power of the earth alive and open.

The value of natural, open space can be measured by a person's reaction to the land and the sky.  On this particular day, nearly all gathered were receptive to the sights, scents, and sounds of a living, breathing earth. 

I hope that everyone will return to Wright's Field and do what they can to educate their neighbors and elected officials to the preciousness of the valuable asset in their midst.

Peter Terezakis
May 2007

Wright's Field, Alpine California - Sacred Sky Sacred Earth Peter Terezakis
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