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Terezakis collected works and projects in Art and Technology including Sacred Sky Sacred Earth, Healing Light, Interactive Environments, All the Names of God, and other constructivist works of art and investigation from 1974 to today, including performance, dance, and original music. This site includes secure shopping, books, limited edition prints, music, original and limited series objects, posters, and videos.
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Alpine Woman's Club
Directions to Wright's Field
Steven Garcia,Guest Artist

Few artists question the effect of development in rural areas more than artist Peter Terezakis.  Since first beginning his series of outdoor light installations in 1995, Peter has come to rediscover the sacred nature of wild, open space where the features of land and nature are untouched by man.   Alpine Artists Association and San Diego's Back Country Land Trust are proud to present two events introducing the community of Alpine to this New York artist’s unique and visionary work that links the concerns of local residents to larger issues facing the environment. 

On Saturday April 28th Mr. Terezakis will showcase his recent work and preview Sunday’s event at the Alpine Woman’s Club at 6:30 pm as part of the Alpine Artists Association lecture series, “The Creative Process.”  The public is invited to attend both the lecture and a short wine and cheese reception to meet  the artist.  For directions and details please visit:

On Sunday April 29th an outdoor, site-specific, sculpture titled "Sacred Sky, Sacred Earth" will be installed at Wright’s Field for ONE night only.  Wright’s Field is one of the last remaining undeveloped native grassland preserves in Southern California.  The installation event will feature a light sculpture and dance performance at dusk by Lux Boreal from Tijuana with choreography by UCSD faculty member Allyson Green.  The public is invited to view this special presentation and engage with other residents who have concerns about the changes facing the rural landscape.

Entry to Wright's Field will be via the Joan MacQueen Middle School entrance at 2001 Tavern Road in Alpine, and will follow an old stage coach path to the site of a natural amphitheater.  As the audience enters the preserve, there will be opportunities to make personal connections to the land in symbolic ways, as well as by enjoying a picnic dinner (see for details).  The evening will close with a temporary light sculpture, enhanced by the movement of dancers, with the intent of illuminating the essential, sacred essence of  the natural setting.  Please prepare for a short hike on uneven trails.  Portable chairs or blankets are recommended, as are flashlights to light your way out of the field after dark.  We encourage you to bring a picnic dinner and enjoy the preserve at sunset. Please be sure to pack out what you bring in.

Light installations by Terezakis have been recreated and repeated in a variety of outdoor site-specific settings on several continents since 1995.   Terezakis is interested in the use of art, and technology as an evolving means for spiritual engagement.  He transforms ordinary florescent lamps into brushstrokes of light momentarily painting earth and sky. Their evanescent fiery discharges change the way we perceive space while they invoke a sensation of physical movement across an expanding landscape of both time and imagination.

 For Terezakis, this particular work has developed into a visual metaphor for the uneven trajectory of the moments of life, book ended between birth and death, witnessed beneath the vault of heaven

Visual Artist Peter Terezakis has created a number of inter-active works of art varying in scale from simple jewelry-sized objects, to an interactive building designed in conjunction with Donald Trump's architect, Der Scutt.  His works have been exhibited in the United States and abroad, including Canada, Greece, Japan, Latvia, Mexico, Portugal, and Romania.   As a faculty member of NYC's School of Visual Arts from 1993 to 2000, Terezakis helped to create the Extended Forms major within the MFA Computer Art program. Highlights within his tenure included authoring the first classes in Electronic Engineering for Artists, and Digital Sculpture (which featured  the use of Rapid Prototyping Technology and CAD for the making of art).  His work is in corporate, private, and museum collections, and has received grants over the years from technology companies (including IBM, Hewlett Packard, Sony, and Phillips) who have been intrigued by the novel applications of their products.  Terezakis continues to honor his artistic heritage and late mentor Billy Kluver, by promulgating an ethic of collaboration and process between artists, scientists, and engineers.  In this way communication and understanding between disciplines of knowledge become a method of self-discovery.



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