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Sacred Sky Sacred Earth: Pacific Meditation
La Jolla, California 2012 August 18th, 2012

Photos by Jim Carmody (click)

Click above for event images by Jim Carmody.   Click image below for article by Inta Balode:

About “Sacred Sky Sacred Earth: Pacific meditation” on August 18, 2012  Inta Balode  Huge and tiny, earth and air, fire and water, inspiration by spirit, by creative spirit, by spirit of the free wind, spirit of clean waters, spirit of air and spirit of warming, protecting and cleaning fire. Dance in its improvised and structured form, light and sound installation, music improvisations. Context of tiny but sophisticated native plants surviving in extreme desert conditions; and elevators on the cliffs bringing down rich people to the ocean (probably once a year). International dance exchange and collaboration without barriers; and the uniqueness of every corner of the world and things that will never be fully understood by others.  A week of Cal-Laboratory Kitchen 2012 taking place in the studios and theaters of UCSD was led to and found its conclusion at Black’s Beach right below the Scripps Coastal Reserve where the journey started just six days ago. On August 18, 2012 the site-specific art/performance/music improvisations event “Sacred Sky Sacred Earth: Pacific Meditation” took place. The theme, layout, inspiration and guidance was proposed and realized by Peter Terezakis ( who has been creating similar light installations for almost 20 (!) years. Dance, movement, live presence of dancing bodies in the events were organized by Peter’s wife and best collaborator choreographer Allyson Green ( who is also the initiator and organizer of the whole Cal-Laboratory Kitchen project. “You can move your bodies through my space”; this is what Peter said to Allyson many years ago during their first collaboration. The phrase says so much – the dance community understands it more than anybody else, because it’s still very often that dance is seen as supportive-entertaining art not as an independent form of artistic language. Though this is not the case, the creation, finding, discovering and reminding about spaces and animation of the spaces through the presence of human bodies is as beautiful a balance as the natural locations chosen for the work.

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