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Terezakis collected works and projects in Art and Technology including Sacred Sky Sacred Earth, Healing Light, Interactive Environments, All the Names of God, and other constructivist works of art and investigation from 1974 to today, including performance, dance, and original music. This site includes secure shopping, books, limited edition prints, music, original and limited series objects, posters, and videos.
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Ben Shan Center for the Arts, Wayne N.J.
Sensory Overdrive, October 28 - December 6 1996

".... Peter Terezakis' "participatory environments" resemble remnants or artifacts left by a
future culture rediscovered.

These chemically-aged cybernetic structures are endowed with a virtual intelligence (inter-active components of infra-red and/or sound sensors, which act as computer input), which invite spontaneous gestures and individual reactions. Our physical bodies are intrinsic to the work, and emphasize our own individuality in the way we approach movement and music. Physical dynamism is translated into different chords and notes inscribed instantaneously as track marks of adventure and exploration.

The presence of the physical action finds traces of the body, the 'cage' of an elemental vessel, a container of energy, in the skeletal grid of chemically tortured steel. Terezakis has incorporated various dancers to choreograph and participate with these works, whose bodies initiate analogous sound and rhythm, rather than being manipulated by them.

In this way, the body becomes an instrument in the art of sublimation ...."    
- Alice Hutchison, Curator




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