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Terezakis collected works and projects in Art and Technology including Sacred Sky Sacred Earth, Healing Light, Interactive Environments, All the Names of God, and other constructivist works of art and investigation from 1974 to today, including performance, dance, and original music. This site includes secure shopping, books, limited edition prints, music, original and limited series objects, posters, and videos.
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l'Autre, Peter Terezakis HERE Gallery and Performance

"....walk across the rear of the gallery in front of an enormous wall piece called "ZOE," Greek for life, and its light-sensitive detectors tell software in a remote computer to play synthesized music.  Moving around, you can hit different chords and sustain them at will, thus composing by throwing your shadow.

Think of it as Jungian Biofeedback, training you to get in touch with your shadow side...
— Teresa Annas
 Forces exhibition, Contemporary Art Museum, Virginia Beach, Virginia


l'Autre, Peter Terezakis 1996 Steel, light, shadow, people, sound. Here, 146 Sixth Avenue, NYC  Color-saturated environment where the movement of shadow across sensors mounted within nodes of a steel grid created music.


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