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Terezakis works and projects in Art and Technology including Sacred Sky Sacred Earth, Healing Light, All the Names of God, and other works of art from 1974 until....
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Sacred Sky Sacred Earth: Jacumba Conceived, Written, and Directed by Peter Terezakis • Musical Director: John Flood • Choreography: Martita Abril, Matthew Armstrong, Allyson Green, David Mariano, and Henry Torres •  Dancers: Martita Abril, Ángel Arámbula,  Matthew Armstrong,  David Fierro, Ilse Gomez, Allyson Green, Iliana Jiménez, Azalea López, Briseida López, David Mariano, Raúl Navarro Henry Torres,  and Miroslava Wilson.  Producers Alyson Green, George Willis   Production Team:  Martita Abril , Tom Ontiveros, and Matthew Gomez
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