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AUDIOTRON, Peter Terezakis 1983
   Photo : Rica Asaban

Sound Activated Pin, Peter Terezakis 1983 Photo by Rica Asaban

Audiotron was a wearable, battery-operated, sound-activated pin, whose sixteen light emitting diodes (LED) flashed in response to sound.  This was part of the Mykro Dot series of wearable electronic jewelry pieces designed and produced within the shadow of the Flatiron Building at my second floor studio in NYC from 1976 - 1987.

I had started by designing the Mykro Dot ("mikro" in Greek means small), a non-blinking LED pin in 1975.  Actress Claudette Colbert wore a Mykro Dot to a party which was mentioned by  Bob Colacello in Andy Warhol's
Interview Magazine.   

Encouraged I continued to make electronic and non-electronic wearable designs featuring
contemporary technology.

  Some of these found their way to covers of fashion magazines Cosmo and Mademoiselle, boutiques, catalogs, and a fashion show of Giovanni de Moura's at Xenon off-Broadway

Actor Robin Williams bought the first batch of blinking LED stickpins in a Japanese restaurant on Columbus Avenue, New Year’s Eve 1983.  I designed the larger sound-activated (see the microphone?) pin during that summer.

My good friend and accomplished photographer Rica Asaban struggled for hours to create this in-camera effect and unretouched photo in her West End Avenue studio.

Thank you, Rica!
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